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Have you been involved in a car accident in Israel   A car accident   can occur to drivers and pedestrians. In any case of a car accident in Israel you should consult an Israel car accident lawyer. Advocate Ronen Samson, Partner in Shmueli Samson RGS is an Australian Citizen and Specializes in representing English speaking clients.

In the area  of road accident claims ,  our firm cooperates with  Advocate Idan Ashkenazi . Advocate Idan Ashkenazi has extensive experience in handling claims against insurance companies, personal injury claims and road accident claims. Previously, Adv. Idan Ashkenazi served for over a decade as a senior attorney in leading law firm Levitan Sharon & Co., ranked by international and Israeli law firms as one of Israel's leading law and insurance law firms. In a car accident, having gained a great deal of knowledge in the field.

Compensation for victims of road accidents

The compensation is provided by the Compensation Law for Victims of Road Accidents, which determines the compensation. Road accident compensation policy is of absolute responsibility. Any casualty who insures against road accidents is entitled to compensation in road accidents, regardless of his fault. Road accident victims do not have to prove they are not responsible for the accident or the other party's responsibility for the accident in order to receive compensation for their injury. 

In the case of bodily injury in a car accident, treated under the Road Accident Victims Compensation Law, the court appoints a medical expert to determine the extent of the casualty. In addition to compensation for bodily injury, may be entitled to compensation for additional damages from the injury. In the event of a car accident with casualties, it is advisable to consult  an Israel car accident lawyer   to examine how to handle the claim and the amount of compensation possible.   

Who are you suing for road accidents?

The law states that every driver must hold compulsory insurance while driving. The claim for the driver's body damage and the passenger's body damage must be filed against the insurance company that insured his vehicle. A passenger in a vehicle also files the car accident claim against the driver's insurance company in the vehicle he was driving. The claim should be filed by a traffic accident lawyer. 

Who are you suing for a pedestrian accident?

A pedestrian involved in a car accident in which a vehicle struck him is suing the insurer of the offending vehicle. In case he doesn't know who hit the vehicle, he can file a lawsuit against a cornea. 

What to do if the vehicle has no insurance?

When the vehicle does not have compulsory insurance cover, the victims can file a claim against a cornea – a road accident compensation fund. The cornea only deals with bodily injury and compensates road accident victims who cannot claim insurer for bodily injury and suffering caused by road accidents. Major cases involving cornea are compensation for casualties and hit-and-run accidents, injuries from a vehicle used by an unlicensed driver, a stolen vehicle, a vehicle used in violation of the policy, an uninsured vehicle and an accident from an insured car insurance company. 

Mandatory insurance for electric bicycles?

The question arises as to whether electric bicycles do not have compulsory insurance by law. There is a conflicting ruling on electric bikes. In some of the rulings, they were recognized as pedestrian, and were compensated by the insurance company of the other vehicle. In other cases, they were recognized as a motor vehicle that required compulsory insurance. In this case, the insurance that was supposed to compensate them in the event of a car accident is their insurance, so they did not receive any compensation for bodily injury. 

Road accident as a work accident

Eligibility for work injury benefits is for a work accident, as defined in the National Insurance Law. The law also provides for another series of events that may be considered a work accident. To see if the car accident can be classified as a work accident, we recommend consulting  a Social Security Lawyer 

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