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Shmueli Samson RGS  is anIsraeli  law firmspecializing in Israeli law, Israel privacy Law, Israel labor law, Israel cyber law and Israel internet law. with us you earn all the benefits of Israeli law firm


Alongside privacy protection, cyber and Internet law, Shmueli Samson RGS Law Firm provides legal services in other areas of activity in which social security claims such as general disability claim, work injury claim, occupational disease, accident claims, insurance claims, real estate law, law Insurance, tort claims and commercial law.


Shmueli Samson RGS was established by Adv. Guy Shmueli and Adv. Ronen Samson, both leading law firms, combining legal experience and extensive business experience


Advocate and Mediator Ronen Samson,Master of Law and Business Administration, serves as a member of the Bar Association's Privacy Protection Committee


Advocate and Mediator Guy Shmueli, Master of Laws, serves as Deputy Chairman of the Kfar Saba Bar Association's Liaison Committee and as the Deputy Chair of the Bar Association's Privacy Protection Committee


In addition, Advocate Guy Shmueli is a member of the Bar Association's Insurance Committee and a member of the Central District   Law Technology and Cyber Committee of   the Bar Association.


Main areas of activity – Shmueli Samson RGS Israeli law firm


Internet and cyber law

Many businesses are moving their business to the InternetAlongside the creation of dedicated e-commerce sites, stores and businesses that do most of their business operations are not online, transfer a significant portion of their online business and establish e-commerce sites.

The transition to online and e-commerce activity requires a series of steps that require comprehensive legal advice by an Internet Law and Cyber Law AttorneySteps such as establishing a website, establishing an e-commerce site, software licensing agreement, writing a website terms of use, writing an e-commerce site terms of use, privacy policy, and adjusting the e-commerce activity to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

Shmueli Samson RGS is for you to take care of all the legal aspects of expanding your internet or e-commerce activity, including ongoing legal advice on Internet law, cyber law and consumer protection on e-commerce sites.

Advocate Guy Shmueli serves as a member of the Central District's Technology and Cyber Committee at the Bar Association 

Labor Law

The field of labor law includes significant legal issues for employers and employees, which require adherence to a series of instructions, regulations and lawsFailure to comply with labor law regulation may result in severe administrative sanctions and even criminal proceedings. Israeli law firm can help you. 


Law Firm Shmueli Samson RGS provides legal advice in the field of labor law for employees and legal advice in the field of labor law for employersLegal advice is provided alongside comprehensive legal services in the field of labor law for employees and employersAmong the services in the field of labor law: Examination and compliance of the employer with legislative provisions in the field of labor, representation of employers on which financial penalties have been imposed in the enforcement of labor laws, legal opinions for employers in the field of labor law, employment contracts for employees, employment agreements for employers, extraction of workers' rights and management of labor law disputes .


Social Security Claims

In Social Security Claims Our firm cooperates with Adv. Anat Safadia ,who has extensive experience in Social Security claimsAttorney Anat Zafadia worked at the Social Security Legal Bureau and later established the Social Security Department at the law firm Beni Cohen & CoAttorney Anat Safadia lectures on Social Security in many professional forumsMeetings can be held to examine the case at a law firm offices Near Tel Aviv.


Real estate and real estate

Buying a condo and selling a condo is the biggest deal in most people's livesThere are a wide range of real estate deals – buying a new apartment from a contractor, buying a condo in a condominium, buying a land-attached home or buying an apartment within a purchase group.


As part of the services provided by the law firm Shmueli Samson RGS in real estate and real estate, the firm provides legal and professional advice at all stages of the transactionThe legal guidance is provided from the stage of the purchase of the property, through the examination of the legal aspects of the contracts and agreements, until the closing of the transactionRGS also provides RGS escorts in commercial real estate transactions, including legal escorts in purchase agreements, legal escorts in leases, legal escorts in purchase groups and legal escorts in rental real estate transactionsLocal deals have a great advantage for a israeli law firm.


Tort claims 

Did you stumble on the sidewalkHave you been injured in a work accidentDo you run out of water from your neighbor?

You may well be eligible for financial compensationIn order to test the eligibility for compensation it is advisable to consult a professional tort lawyer

Shmueli Samson RGS represents claimants in the exercise of their rights in claims for bodily harm, property and fires with insurance companies, local authorities, contractors and other entities


Road Accident Claims 

Have you been injured in a car accidentElectric bike accidentPedestrian accidentRoad accidents can occur to drivers and pedestriansIn any case of a car accident you should consult a Isarel law firm


Compensation for casualties in road accidents is provided by the Compensation for Victims of Road Accidents Act, which determines the compensationRoad accident compensation policy is of absolute responsibilityAny casualty who insures against road accidents is entitled to receive compensation for a road accident, regardless of his faultRoad accident victims do not have to prove they are not responsible for the accident or the other party's responsibility for the accident in order to receive compensation for their injury. i 



Areas of Practice

Internet law​

Real Estate Law

Car Accident

Privacy Law

Legal team

Guy Shmueli, Advocate

Member of the Israeli Bar Association

Deputy Chairman of the Kfar Saba Liaison Committee 

Deputy Chairman of the Bar Association 

Member of the Bar Association Insurance Committee

Adv. Guy Shmueli has over 20 years of experience in management, strategic consulting, marketing and public relations for Israeli and multinational companies focusing on technology companies.

His rich experience in the business world allows Lawyer Guy Shmueli to understand the business client's needs well and allows him to offer legal solutions tailored to the client's business needs.

Adv. Guy Shmueli has a unique expertise in crisis management, including crises with high media intensity.

Previous roles

Responsible for the legal system in an insurance company – legal advice and portfolio management in complex legal areas of privacy , Internet law , regulation, contract law, commercial law , insurance law and class actions

Intern and Associate in Levitan Sharon & Co Law Firm. A leading law firm in the field of insurance representing Israeli insurance companies, international insurance companies and leading insurance agencies. The firm is rated by Legal 500 as one of Israel's leading insurance law firms. 


Master of Laws – Bar Ilan University

 Bachelor of Law degree with honors

 Bachelor of Science in Political Science and American History

courses and training

Certified to conduct continuous power of attorney, preliminary guidelines for the appointment of a guardian and an expression of will under the Legal Training and Guardianship Law, 1962.

Courses: Tort Law, Labor Law

Certification as a mediator 


Hebrew and English


Ronen Samson, Advocate

Member of the Israeli Bar Association

Member of the Labor Law Committee Center for the Bar Association 

Adv. Ronen Shimshon has over 20 years of experience in senior management positions in the business sector in Israel and abroad, with an emphasis on Australia

The combination of his rich business world experience and deep legal understanding enables Attorney Ronen Samson to understand the business client's needs well and to offer clients a solution tailored to the client's business needs.

Previous roles

Independent Lawyer – Specializes in Real Estate, Commercial Law and Labor Law

Specializes in a leading real estate and commercial law firm representing leading companies in Israel.


MA Law MA in Economics and Business Administration from Bar Ilan University.

LLB Bachelor of Laws (outstanding Dean).

MBA ( Honors)  University of Manchester, UK. Two Internships: Specialization in Marketing and Internship in Information Systems (Certified Systems Analyst)

BA in social sciences and management (focus on finance).

courses and training

Training of directors and officers.

EXIN Privacy & Data Protection: Foundation Certificate in General Data Protection Regulation

Training in privacy protection, information security and GDPR

Compliance Officer Training Course

Certified to conduct continuous power of attorney, preliminary guidelines for the appointment of a guardian and an expression of will under the Legal Training and Guardianship Law, 1962.

In-depth training: labor law, representation in insolvency proceedings, sale and purchase of residential apartments, wills

Certification as a mediator


Hebrew and English


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