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Buying Israel real estate or selling Israel real estate is the most important deal that most people sign. Whether it is buying a second-hand apartment in Israel, buying a contractor's apartment in Israel, each transaction requires close legal guidance from an Israel real estate lawyer, in order to guarantee all legal aspects of the deal. Advocate Ronen Samson, Name Partner in Shmueli Samson RGS is an Australian Citizen and Specializes in representing English speaking clients. 

An Israel real estate lawyer  accompanies many real estate transactions

Apartment purchase in Israel

House purchase in Israel

Commercial real estate purchase in Israel

Selling an apartment in Israel

Selling a House in Israel

Selling a commercial real estate in Israel

Real Estate Taxation

A key aspect to consider in any real estate transaction or purchase of real estate is the subject of real estate taxation. Incorrect planning of taxation issues in a real estate transaction can lead to very high costs to an apartment buyer or seller. The Real Estate Tax Law has a number of tax exemptions. And with the help of an Israel real estate lawyer, it can be seen that a home buyer or a home seller will not pay a tax beyond the statutory bond. 

As part of the services provided by Shmuel Samson RGS Law Firm  as Israel Real Estate Lawyer we offer legal advice and professional guidance at all stages of the transaction. The firm handles all stages of real estate transactions.

In addition, Shmueli Samson RGS provides Personal accompaniment in Israeli real estate transactions on all legal aspects of Israel real estate. If you plan to have business in Israel, The firm Internet Law team can help with online business activity and the commercial law team will help you with Israel legal matters. 

If you are looking for Apartment purchase in Tel Aviv, Apartment purchase in Jerusalem, Apartment purchase in Netanya, Apartment purchase in Raanana, Apartment purchase in Kfar Saba or in any other Israeli city, you can contact real estate lawyer in Israel. 

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