Israel Privacy law

Holding customer and supplier information? Not sure if your information is configured as a repository? Know the provisions of the Israeli Privacy Protection Law ? Do you know that the provisions of the Privacy Protection Act also apply to small businesses? In order to maintain your database, prevent it from leaking hackers and prevent it from economic growth, you must comply with the legal and regulatory provisions in the privacy and cyber fields. Want to know what you need to do? Israel Privacy law expert will provide the legal support required to safeguard your digital assets.

The Israel Privacy Protection Authority is responsible for protecting the personal information stored in digital databases and for strengthening the right to privacy in Israel. The Authority applies the privacy protection regulation, including administrative and criminal enforcement, to all entities in Israel – private, business and public. The regulation applies to all entities holding or processing digital personal information. The Authority sets the rules for keeping data stored in databases and data protection. In order to meet the authority's requirements, it is advisable to consult an Israel Privacy law Advocate. 

Shmueli Samson RGS Law Firm assists companies and organizations in complying with Israeli regulatory requirements, including registering databases, examining compliance with privacy and cyber regulatory requirements, and responding to various legal issues arising from the legislation and advising on Israel Privacy law.

Advocate Ronen Samson is a member of the Bar Association's Privacy Protection Committee and Advocate Guy Shmueli serves as Deputy Chair of the Bar Association's Privacy Protection Committee.

Information held on enterprise servers or information held on a cloud requires compliance with privacy protections. We advise on privacy protection for lawyers, privacy for physicians, privacy for accountants, privacy for insurance agents, privacy for psychologists as well as other sensitive professionals.

Organizations and companies operating in Israel are subject to the authority's guidelines. Alongside the regulation in Israel, various entities operating in the world are subject to further stringent privacy protection  regulations such as the GDPR Regulations in Europe , the CCPA California Consumer Protection Act, and Privacy Regulations in other states. Examining compliance with privacy protections in Israel and around the world requires  consultation with a privacy protection lawyer

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