More about Israel cyber attack

Hundreds of Israeli web sites have been under cyber attack lately The attack involves hacking websites and DDOS attacks that prevent access to the websites. Cyber ​​attack causes Web sites to severely compromise activity. According to other reports, some of the attacks are ransom attacks, with attackers demanding publishers pay for the release of site files. what we know about Israel cyber attacks

One of the first actions to be taken in the case of a cyber attack is to contact security experts to try to deal with the attack. It is not worth dealing with attacks by self-means. Basically, the main recommendation is not to pay hackers with a ransom attack. Paying ransom to hackers does not guarantee that hackers will open the site for use or prevent content being stolen. Usually, after the initial payment hackers are likely to try to get ransom again.

Israel cyber attack cyber attack comes against the backdrop of a virtual blow between Israel and Iran. According to the nature of the attacks, the attack on the websites does not appear to have been carried out by state officials. Most of the attacks were of corrupting websites and adding pro-Palestinian messages.

According to cyber experts, behind the attack are imitators who have been inspired by the exchange of cyber strikes between Israel and Iran, which was reported by foreign sources. According to the nature of the attacks, the attacks do not appear to come from Iran but from Gaza, Turkey and various Islamic countries. Such a cyber attack does not appear to be state.

Web site attacks cause image damage to companies and may reduce sales for several hours. Greater concern is the leakage of databases that could damage privacy and leak customer information. Sites that include databases such as customer information, payment methods or other personal information must be strictly adhered to in accordance with the privacy protection guidelines and in accordance with legal requirements.

Information held on enterprise servers or information held on a cloud requires compliance with privacy protections. Particular attention should be paid to the privacy protection of lawyers, the privacy of physicians, the privacy of accountants, the protection of insurance agents, the privacy of psychologists, and other sensitive professionals. 

In order to examine legal issues related to the security of the website, it is advisable to consult  an internet law lawyer in order to meet the unique legal requirements of websites, e-commerce sites and mobile applications and about Israel cyber attack. 

Web site security tips

Password: Care should be taken that the intranet site is difficult to crack – especially not a generic password that is easy to hack. Any changeable site should be protected by a username and password.

Security Systems Update : Keep your site's security systems up to date. The site must be protected by a firewall (firewall) and other security systems that prevent the site from being hacked.

Blocking Abroad Abroad: In the case of cyber attacks, it is recommended to block logins from overseas addresses. Some of the attacks use computers in Israel, but blocking access from abroad may reduce some of the attacks.

Website Version Update : Website content management system must be updated. Many updates include security breaches. An outdated management system is a breach for hackers.

Up-to-date backup : It is recommended to back up the website daily, as well as make weekly and monthly backups to allow you to return to activity in the event of an attack.

External Backup: Using an external backup of the site that is not connected to the Internet but on an external disk, the site can be restored to activity even in the case of a ransom attack that locks the site files. The site is recommended to be updated frequently to ensure that the data is up to date.

All of the foregoing does not constitute legal advice or substitute for legal advice and all information contained on the Website is for general information only. There is nothing to replace information provided by an attorney, and the reader should contact and consult with an attorney in the field before taking any legal action. All that relies on the foregoing in any way, does so at its own risk and the responsibility for any direct or indirect consequence, due to reliance on the foregoing, shall be solely for the user.

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